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  • 100% free from your electric provider

    Celine "Power & Save" makes you from 25% up to 100% independent of the overpriced electricity provider....and that even for 800 euros.Plug-in to your socket and.. start to save money...until it is free. With the latest technologies in the PV sector, we offer you the best matched solar package according to your budget, at the best price performance ratio in spain
  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels

    Devices responsible for converting light from the sun into electricity. With the current technology level, each panel of normal dimensions is capable of providing about 150/200 Watts.
  • Charging Regulator or Controller

    An electronic device that regulates and controls adequate battery charge from the generation, solar and / or wind prevents overloads suffer when you have a full load and panels and wind turbines are generating electricity.
  • Wind Turbine

    Element using the wind rotates a rotary that provides, via its controller, electric current to its accumulation and or use direct.
  • Battery

    Element responsible for storing the electricity generated to deliver in times where it is necessary, either because there is no sunlight and / or wind, or because the power promptly demanded is greater than that generated.
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Celine Power® has set as goal to use the natural ressources and the latest technology to provide consumers with healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable energy


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  • Power & Save
image 1st Step

How many

Solar Panels and...

image 2nd step

Masuring of

the power...

image 3rd Step

The most

efficient combination...

image Power & Save


to the socket...


How many solar panels... 

and where to install it,
so we can settle how much power can be gained maximum.


Masuring of the power consumption

The beginning of a professional consultation for a solar system begins with the calculation of the power consumption.

At least one weeks all your electrical consumptions are measured in a distance of 6 seconds, so we can measure your exact power consumption and offer you the customized solution.


The most efficient combination ...

The most efficient combination is solar and wind power, so that can avail the maximum energy of the sun and of the wind for itself.

Obtain advice from experts, free of charge and without obligation.


free from electrical provider

You are 100% independent of any electricity provider. ...a small purchase with a great benefits.. forever.

Celine Power ..at your service


We work with POWER to find the best POWER solution for you.
After 2 years of study and testing of all technologies that are affordable, we present "POWER & SAVE" off grid is the simplest solar system that you simply plugging into the wall socket.
In the POWER & SAVE are inverters, optional intelligent controllers and even an energy storage already integrated. This makes POWER & SAVE to the most modern solar system in the world.

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